When to File Application by Examination

Complete the Application for Psychologist Licensure by Examination if either of the following descriptions applies to you:

  • You are not currently licensed in another state.


  • You are currently licensed in another state AND all of the following statements are true:
    • You have not practiced continuously for at least two years, and
    • You do not hold a Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology ( CPQ), and
    • You are not credentialed by the National Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology (NRHSPP).

If you don’t meet the criteria above, complete the Application for Psychologist Licensure by Reciprocity .

Who Must Take the Examination

The exam for Delaware Psychologist licensure is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) .

  • If you have never passed the EPPP, the Board of Psychology must approve your application to take it.
  • If you passed the EPPP over five years ago, you must re-take it. The Board must approve you to sit for the exam again.
  • If you passed the EPPP less than five years ago, you do not need to re-take it.

Requirements for All Applicants

  • Enclose the non-refundable processing fee by check or money order made payable to the "State of Delaware."
  • Complete the Criminal History Record Check Authorization form to request State of Delaware and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background checks. Follow the instructions on the authorization form to arrange to be fingerprinted.
  • Arrange for the Board office to receive an official transcript showing that you have earned a doctoral degree from a psychological studies program specifically designed to train and prepare psychologists. A doctoral degree from a program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) meets this requirement.
  • If your program is not APA-accredited, submit course descriptions (e.g., course catalog) and complete the Evaluation of Coursework form to assist the Board in evaluating your program. This documentation is required in addition to the official transcript and must show that your program meets the criteria in Sections - of the Board’s Rules and Regulations .
  • Arrange for your supervisor(s) to submit a Supervisory Reference Form directly the Board office. The forms must document that you have one year of post-doctoral supervised experience consisting of 1500 hours.
  • If you hold (or have ever held) a license in another State, arrange for each state to send a verification of licensure in good standing directly to the Board office.
  • If you have passed the EPPP within the past five years, arrange for the Board office to receive a score report sent directly from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) to the Board office. To obtain a score report, see www.asppb.org.