Selecting a Shop/Salon and Supervisor

Before applying for an apprenticeship, the apprentice applicant must find a sponsor to supervise his/her apprenticeship.  The supervisor must hold a current Delaware license as a cosmetologist, barber, nail technician, electrologist or aesthetician. In addition, the supervisor must be qualified to supervise the apprentice as follows:

  • A cosmetologist, barber, nail technician, electrologist or aesthetician may supervise an apprenticeship in the their own type of licensure. For example, a barber may supervise a barber apprentice.
  • A cosmetologist may also supervise a nail technician apprentice or aesthetician apprentice.
  • A cosmetology instructor may supervise a barber apprentice only if the cosmetology instructor has completed 35 hours of training in shaving.

A supervisor is permitted to supervise no more than two apprentices at a time.

The shop/salon selected must hold a current professional license as well as the required business license(s). The shop/ salon must employ at least one person licensed in the profession in which the apprentice is being trained. Shop owners cannot work as an apprentice in their own shop.

Filing the Application

  • Submit completed, signed and notarized application form. The apprentice applicant, shop/salon owner and person who will be supervising the apprentice’s training must all sign the application form.
  • Enclose the processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.”
  • Arrange for the Board office to receive proof of your high school education, sent directly from the school to the Board office, as follows:
    • If you graduated, arrange for the Board office to receive an official transcript or GED.
    • If you did not graduate, arrange for the Board office to receive an official transcript showing that you completed 10th grade.

Documenting Apprenticeship Hours

The supervisor and apprentice should maintain records of the hours accrued on the Verification of Apprentice Hours form at the end of the application.






18 months – 36 months



18 months – 36 months

Nail Technician


6 weeks – 12 months



15 weeks – 12 months



30 weeks – 24 months

  • If the apprentice leaves the supervision of the sponsor approved for the internship before the apprenticeship ends, the supervisor must submit the Verification of Apprentice Hours form to show the hours accrued under his/her supervision.
  • If the apprentice is unable to complete the required hours within the required timeframe, submit a request for extension to the Board in writing before the apprenticeship ends.

Applying for Licensure and Registering for the Examination

When the apprenticeship hours are completed,

  • The supervisor submits the Verification of Apprentice Hours form to the Board office to show the hours accrued.
  • The apprentice contacts PCS, the testing service, to complete the application for examination and to register for the exam. The application/registration must be filed no later than 60 days before the examination date. For information about applying and registering, see Examinations.

Direct all questions about the examination to the testing service!